Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Day with Dad

So Marc has Fridays off. He has had Fridays off for about 4 weeks now. Every Friday him and Jacq have their very own daddy and me adventure. One week it was the zoo, the next week toy town. Every morning starts with breakfast at Five and Diner and then continues on from there. Yesterday they visited dad's work and then dad decided to get sweet and bake cupcakes! Him and Jacq went and bought their supplies and came home and spent the afternoon making valentine's day cupcakes for me and the grandparents. They are so cute! Here are the pics.

The Supplies!

The finished product!

It was so cool to come home from work and see that they had such a fun, productive day together. Thank you Marc and Jacq, I love my cupcakes!


Endless Possibilities said...

So cute! Happy Valentines Day!

It is sweet that they have a day together :)

canohappiness said...

I love that he does that with her! So sweet and moments she will cherish forever... what a great Dad! (and Mom too I might add)... you guys are doing wonderful things!

Jessica Stoker said...

She is so dang cute. The cupcakes look really yummy too.

Aimee D. said...

I have never seen my brother look so precious with her. That's a real moment between them that she'll never forget. Love you guys. - Aimee

JILLC said...

She does so many things beyond a two year old I forget how old she is sometimes!