Thursday, August 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Baby Nina!

My friend Adriana had a beautiful baby girl on tuesday. She was kind enough to let me take pictures of her baby at the hospital. She was only hours old. Here are a few of my favs.

They're Creepy and They're Crawly

If you know me then you know my three biggest fears. Clowns, spiders and water bridges. On tuesday night I was faced with one. I went to let Cooper out to go to the bathroom before I went to bed. When I opened the sliding glass door the disgusting creature in the picture below came running in my house only centimeters from my hand! I instinctively screamed and ran. I was hysterical. I grabbed a chair, scooted it next to a counter in case the spider came after me, and hopped up on it. Marc was in the room and thought there was someone in the backyard or something. When I finally caught my breath enough to let him know it was a spider, he rolled his eyes. At this point I was actually crying. The spider made its way in but thankfully did not go behind the nearby bookshelf or up the way. He was low and in plain view. Instead of killing it instantly like he should have, Marc grabbed the camera. After getting some snapshots, he grabbed the broom and killed it. It was still twitching and I was still crying. So he got a magazine and smashed it and then stomped on it with his foot. Ok. That works for me. Then we flushed him down the toilet. I will not be using that bathroom for awhile.

Here is the creature. As you can see he was about the width of the baseboard. Please excuse the dirty baseboard as we are re-doing that room.


My happy ending.


Later that night, after my heart slowed down and the tears stopped, Marc asked if I would have been more afraid if it were a clown that came through the door. I said only if it was a clown with a knife. Some spiders can be deadly. I suppose if all clowns were like pennywise then I would have said clowns.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bargain of the Week

This week the bargain of the week goes to Grandma Judy! We went over to her house for a bbq on sunday and there was a surprise waiting for Jacq. She found this great Little Tykes kitchen at a yard sale for only $15! It looks brand new and had all the accessories. Jacq loves it and I know she will get a lot of use out of it. Thank you Grandma Judy!



Jacq's wardrobe by Gymboree courtesy of Aunt Janna.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

New Hair

I finally found a hair stylist that I like! When I lived in San Diego I fell in love with my hair stylist Joanna. I lived in her salon. When I moved here I was really worried that I would never find anyone that I liked as much as Joanna. Well I was right, until now. Here it is 2.5 years and 5 hair girls later and I finally found the one! Her name is Ashley.
My hair had grown pretty long, just past my shoulders, so I decided to go short again. I really like it. Of course it looked best on friday right after it was done. Never can quite get it the way they do.



Bust a Move

One of my favorite things to do with Jacq is crank up the radio and dance our butts off. Which is exactly what we did before bed last night to burn off any remaining energy she may of had. I have to admit that she has some pretty sweet moves. I'm sure she gets it from me. I mean, I can do a killer Roger Rabbit. And don't even get me started on my running man. So as you can see by the videos Jacq has a great dance future ahead of her.

I should add that she also has great style in
A. Clothes - She put those bright yellow shorts on backwards and inside out all by herself. She said it was the next big thing.
B. Music - From Ray j to Garth Brooks. The girl has eclectic taste in music.