Sunday, February 8, 2009

Veggie Art

Jacq thought this was silly and fun!

What you need:
Paper plate (for your paint)
Construction paper
Fruit & Veggies cut in half

You can use whatever foods you have. We used an apple, orange, cucumber and broccoli. Potatoes and fun too because you can cut shapes into them.

Use a plate to pour your paint onto.

Pretty basic instructions here. Use your food as your 'paintbrush'. Show your child how to do a sponge paint-like motion with the food so they are 'stamping' it and not painting. Jacq had fun doing this. And after we used the other halves of the fruit to make smoothes!


KT said...

These are great, T!

Does she have a band-aid on her nose?

Tanya Zachary said...

Thanks K!

It's not a band-aid, its a breath right nose strip. She woke up stuffy and she likes wearing these for some reason. When I put them on her she says, "Ahh! Breath!" and she takes a deep breath. So cute.

Anonymous said...

My mom used to make potato stamps for us. It was pretty sweet.