Sunday, February 8, 2009

Watercolor Art

I have been doing crafts and cooking a lot lately. I just haven't been blogging them. So I am taking advantage of this rainy Sunday and Jacq taking a nap, to get caught up.

I can't find the link to where I saw the idea for this. I'll look for it some more and try to post it later.

What you need:

Watercolor paper
Cups (for water)
Contact paper
Frame (optional)

With your contact paper cut out a letter (we used ''J" for Jacqueline) and adhere it to the paper. Make sure you press really hard to eliminate bleeding of the watercolors.

Next, let your child watercolor all over the paper. Set aside to let dry completely.

When it is done peel the contact paper from the paper. Now you have a beautiful piece of art! I went to Michael's and found a frame for $8. We put this up in the living room and Jacq shows it to everyone who comes over.

As you can see it did bleed a little under the contact paper but it still looks great.
Here is a portrait of the artist.

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