Friday, March 6, 2009

Phoenix Children's Museum

I got jealous of Marc and Jacq having all the fun without me on Fridays. So I took a Friday off. We went to the children's museum in Phoenix. It was awesome! It is by far my favorite place to take Jacq in all the valley. It's big, clean, age appropriate and very hands on. Marc was worried and he thought it was going to be boring and we would just have to suffer through the few hours there. But he even liked the place and had a good time. We were joined by my friend Jill, her hubby Jimmy and their two daughters, Ella and Ryen. I have a lot of pics and can't wait to go back to get more!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Dominick's Birthday Party

Jacq and I were invited to a birthday party today. It was Dominick's 2nd birthday and it was a great party. His mom, Carina, is a real life super-woman. She has 4 kids. Her youngest being just over 3 weeks old. The woman looks amazing and pulled off quite the birthday party. Way to go Carina! My hero! Here are some pics from the party.