Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Is that what Autumn is suppose to look like?

My dad lives here in Arizona but is currently residing in Clifton Park, NY. We are oh so proud of him and his great new job as a mechanical engineer for General Electric. Only downfall is that they have a 4 month program and it's in NY. So we haven't seen him for 3 months! Good thing is that the time is almost up and he'll be home in time for Christmas. A few weeks ago he sent me these amazing pictures of the landscape there. I couldn't believe it. Being from California you have a little more of a change in seasons then we do here. But nothing like this. I've now put a trip to the east coast in autumn on my list of things to do before I die. Everyone should experience this beauty.

How cool is this? The restaurant from the movie Mystic Pizza!

We're so proud of you dad and can't wait to see you! Miss ya!


Shari said...

Wow what great pictures....lets all go there together ok...I to am proud of your dad..we all are!

canohappiness said...

I agree! I want to go to the east coast one day in the fall too - so breathtaking!!