Saturday, November 22, 2008


So we are all familiar with the usual rounds of hunks. Brad Pitt, Justin Timberlake, Matt Damon. Well what about all the other guys? There are plenty of hotties out there that don't land in People magazines "World's Most Beautiful People" or whatever it is. So here are a few of my favorite alternative hotties.

Sexy Nerds

Wether they are one in real life or just play one on tv, these nerds are hot!

Adam Brody

The lovable emo listening, comic book reading nerd better known as Seth Cohen on the OC.

Rivers Cuomo

The lead singer of Weezer, Cuomo graduated from Harvard University Phi Betta Kappa.

Zachary Levy

I'll admit that I don't watch Chuck. But every-time I see a picture of cutie Zachary I tell myself I am going to start.

Sexy Chefs

Tyler Florence

This food tv network star is hot in and out of the kitchen!

Rocco DiSpirito

This guy sometimes gets a bad rap and is labeled a jerk and playboy. Be that as it may it doesn't take away from the fact that he is a hottie.

Sexy Dads

My favorite category by far. There is something so incredibly intriguing about a family man.

Matt Pryor

Ok, ok. This guy is like consuming my life lately. He is the singer for several bands. The Get Up Kids, The New Amsterdams and the children's band The Terrible Twos. He is the father of 3. I would be more then happy to make it 4.

Gavin Rossdale

All I have to say is that Gwen Stefani is one lucky woman.

Justin Chambers

We all know Grey's Anatomy has one of the hottest casts on tv. In my opinion Justin is the reason for that. He has been married to his wife for 13 years and they have 5 kids!

So who did I miss? Who are your favorites?


KT said...

Wow, Tanya! What a different post than the norm... it's GREAT! I'm sure NO ONE will mind.

Never heard of Zachary Levy before, but HELLOOOOOO Zach!

And I've had a mad crush on Justin Chambers for a while, partially BECAUSE he's married with kids. Soooo sexy!

Rivers can suck it. Too nerdy. Sorry. But you know I can't agree on all your choices... it's me!

<3 U


Endless Possibilities said...

Oh Rivers! Yes, Rivers! You are missing one though...Chris from Dashboard! Yummy!

JILLC said...

WOW! Great pics! I love these so called nerds! I find so many of these type of guys hot too! Cool post!