Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The cast is off!

So today we went to the orthopedic doctor. They took an xray and determined that Jacq's cast was ready to be cut off. Whooooot!
She started crying as soon as the saw turned on. It is loud and just scared her. She was fine by the time we walked out of the office. But I think that is thanks to the lollipop she got. She can't walk on it yet. The doc said it will be sore and achy for a few days. She is standing up but when she tries to take a step she whimpers and then gets down and crawls. Oh well, it will come. Here are a few pics from tonight.

The best part. Being able to take regular baths again!

The only bummer is still no swings, slides, parks, jumping, etc. for 3 weeks. Oh well, if thats what it takes to keep her out of another cast I'm all for it.


Kate said...

oh yay :) I was wondering when she would get it off!
She looks so happy in those pictures, what a stinkin cute girl!

Endless Possibilities said...

That is awesome! She is so adorable!
I bet she is glad to have it off too!

Oh, and thanks for the websites!

Jessica Stoker said...

Oh, I am so glad it is off. She must feel like a huge weight has been lifted. Love the tub pictures. She has such a sweet face.

Shari said...

Happy Day! I am happy for her and you and Marc, I know it's been hard but being the great parents that you both are I knew you would get through it. Thanks for being the worlds best mommy to my beautiul granddaugher!

amy said...

Hooray for no more cast! She's so gorgeous, Lily and I are very impressed with all her pretty hair. =)

JILLC said...

I am so glad it is off. I hope the skin under wasn't too smelly and nasty! LOL poor Jacq! I bet you will be nervous for a long time when she does get back to playing. But she will be fine and you are a WONDERFUL Mommy! Happy healing!

Vanessa said...

Yeah congrats to you both! Kids are such troopers - man we have a lot we can learn from them... oh and if only a lolipop could make us all feel better huh?? :-)