Sunday, August 3, 2008

Tallarini Night

Last night my whole family got together for dinner. We had tallarini. I'm not even sure if that is a real word or somehow the Zachary family made up there very own italian meal. My grandfather use to make it and now my dad is carrying on the tradition. We all got together to celebrate my dad's new job. I am so proud of him. He is now a field engineer for general electric. The only downside is that he has to go to New York for 4 months. It was nice to have everyone together. When I say everyone I mean, me, Jacq, Marc, Dad, Yvonne, Mom, Ronnie, Cassie and Kyle. Lets not forget Sophia and Layla, the dogs. Here are a few pics from the night.

Uncle Kyle and Jacqueline.
Uncle Kyle

One of my favorite pics from the night.


She had her first taste of Ginger Ale and LOVED it!

Attach of Grandma Shari
Grandma Kisses

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Anonymous said...

You do realize if you write a blog I will expect an entry thrice weekly. I have no life and need something to read while nursing. Thank you for your understanding on this matter. Love,