Saturday, August 9, 2008

Ahh Saturday

By far my favorite day of the week. I can stay up late the night before, not have to worry about being tired at work all the next day. Most importantly I can spend the whole day with Jacq. This morning we did some painting. Here's how it went....

It started out well. I knew the paintbrushes wouldn't last long.

The artist at work.

I used recycled plastic applesauce and fruit cup containers to hold the paint. I also use these as little bowls to serve Jacq food in.

She was having so much fun Dad wanted to join in.

This is where it started to get messy.

This is when I knew she would need a bath.

The first stage of clean up.

After the hose down she went straight into the bath. We had to do this early in the morning before it got too hot outside. I have another project in mind for this afternoon and I'll post it when we are done.


Anonymous said...

I love the pic with her hands on the sides of her face. So beautiful. What a little artist!

Shari said...

I want a copy of the hands on face picture,it is priceless....what a wonderful Saturday...