Sunday, July 5, 2009

Teaching toy Tuesday

My teaching toy of the week this week is Melissa and Doug Geometric Stacker.

This toy is great and has many different learning opportunities. It teaches colors, shapes, sorting, sequence and problem solving.
This is a great step up from the traditional rainbow stacker that many infants play with. I have read some reviews of complaints that the rings are the perfect size for children to get their fingers stuck in. Also read a few reviews were parents are concerned about their child falling down onto the pegs. If you are worried about any of those scenarios then simply supervise your child while playing with this toy and always do so in a seated position.

This toy is recommended for ages 2 and up. I bought it for Jacq right around her 2nd birthday and quickly found that she had zero interest in it. However, over the last several months she plays with it almost on a daily basis. She can now recognize her shapes and colors and I think she enjoys playing with it more now simply because she understands it better. She loves the challenge of the puzzle shapes. All in all a great toy and I give high recommendations.


Jessica Stoker said...

That is great, I like how it is smaller than the plastic ones. Jackson loves the plastic ones so we might have to upgrade when he gets a little older.

Jessica Stoker said...

By the way, I LOVE the pictures of Jacq in the hat on the side of you blog. You have such a sweet style. We should get together and share secrets.