Monday, June 29, 2009

Reach for the Sky!

This has to be the most messy, goopy, and fun craft so far. So much thanks to Allie at No time for flash cards.
Her blog is by far my favorite arts and crafts blog. I love all her ideas and her son is the same age as Jacq so they are always age appropriate activities.

Shoot for the Moon

You will need:
1/2 cup of glue
1 1/2 cups shaving cream
craft paper ( I used a brown paper bag)
a marker

Start by drawing a moon (in any phase)

Mix your glue and shaving cream.

Let your child spread the mixture on the paper. Don't worry about them staying within the circle, you will cut it out when it dries. This was by far Jacq's favorite thing so far.

Here is the finished product. I love how it turned out! I put it on Jacq's ceiling in her room right above her bed.


Jessica Stoker said...

This is so cute and it looks like Jacq had a great time. You have the best craft ideas.

JILLC said...

Ok once again I am inspired. I still havent let Ella play with Play-doh yet or scissors! What is wrong with me... Maybe I just need you to come over and craft with me! LOL

This one I think I am going to try. Now I need to go get all the ingredients!