Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Testing Katie's Theory

These are my brother's new super cute puppies. I already forgot their names. But I know they were kinda lame but he says he can't change them because the dogs are already use to them.

I hope this works. If it doesn't I am going to poison her dog with toad juice.


KT said...



What did you use? Just blogger's picture upload thing or flickr?

The only prob I notice with blogger's uploader is that if I upload the pics AFTER I already wrote stuff, it does funky things to my writing (i.e. takes one of the two "spaces" out from between sentences, or adds another space between paragraphs). Other than that, seems to work for me.

Tanya said...

Oh yeah, it worked. Your dog is safe. For now.

Shari said...

They are so cute, I thought he named one of them Layla? Does that name ring a bell to you?