Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Foto Fun Weekend

So this weekend I got to do something that I absolutely LOVED! I went out with my good friend Tiffany to take pictures. I recently got into photography but living in this god forsaken desert I really have not gone out and explored the town due to the fact that my camera and I would melt. I had SO much fun and learned a lot. The main thing I learned is that I still have SO much to learn. I was not impressed with what we found. The east valley really doesn't have much to offer. Next weekend I am kidnapping my uber hip little brother and making him show me all the 'cool' spots and also do a little modeling for me. I hear he's a cute kid.

Here is what I got.

I can't figure out how to get these the right size so most of them are cut off on the right. Sorry.

Water Falls



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amy said...

Those are beautiful! You have such a good eye. =)