Saturday, July 18, 2009

To infinity and beyond!

Once again I found this adorable craft at No time for flash cards.
Jacq loves all things spaceships and rockets. She was really excited to do this and loves to carry her rocket around the house yelling, "BLAST OFF!"

What you need:
Craft paper or cereal box
few small pieces of foil
piece of construction paper

I used a cut up cereal box and drew my rocket, cut it out and let Jacq draw on it.

While Jacq colored the rocket I cut out 3 small circles from the cereal box and covered them with foil. These are your windows.

Have your child glue the windows onto the rocket. Glue the rocket to the construction paper.

Add some glue to the bottle of your rocket and let your child stick the cotton balls on.

Tah dah!

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JILLC said...

Love it! Ok Ella and I are making this tomorrow after naptime! I just decided! Thanks again for inspiring me. No play-do yet by the way. I think you need to come over and make me do it. ;)