Sunday, April 5, 2009

Picnic Perfect Sunday and Bug-o-Rama Party

I am so far behind on my postings. I have oodles of pictures and activities we have done that I want to post. Ahh, I need about 8 more hours in my day!

A few Sundays ago Jacq and I had a wonderful picnic with my mom and step dad at desert breeze. We rode the train and Jacq and Papa Ronnie rode the carousal. Some pics of course!

Last Saturday was Frenchy and Judy's annual bug-o-rama party. Bugorama is a large VW show they hold every year. Frenchy and Judy have a party the day before the big show. As always it was a great turn out and Jacq had a blast! I have never seen her so wound up in my life. She was so excited because it was dark and she got to play outside.

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