Monday, December 1, 2008

The Reject Christmas Card Photos

So being the super mom that I am, I have yet to get our Christmas cards made. I was just going to order some from snapfish but then changed my mind and thought that making them myself might be fun. After playing around in photoshop for what seemed like hours, I decided against that! I took some pics the other day that I planned on using for the cards but now I think I am not doing cards at all. Maybe the regular paper cards. But I just don't have it in me to send out cards this year. So if you are a friend or family member and don't get a card from us, don't be offended. No one got cards this year! Sorry people. I would hate to deprive you of the beauty that is my child. So here are the pics that I was going to use.


Endless Possibilities said...

She is so photogenic! You take awesome pictures!

I am not doing cards this year either. It just seems like so much work.

The Parke Family said...

I love the first pic - sooooo priceless!!!!

And don't feel bad, I still haven't gotten my baby announcements mailed yet either!!! Let alone x-ms cards!!!

Kayleen said...

I love the hat and gloves. . . so cute! The photo that you commented on was taken at Seville country club down in south Gilbert. If you want to take pictures there, you have to call ahead to make sure there aren't any weddings or anything scheduled there.

Jessica Stoker said...

So cute, I didn't do card either even in photoshop. Love the gloves, it actually looks like it is cold outside.