Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Our day with Paxton

We had such a fun day today. I was off and I watched my friend Amanda's son, Paxton. Him and Jacq are only 8 months apart so they make great playtime partners. They had so much fun together. I was really nervous about having 2 toddlers in my home, but it was a lot easier then I anticipated. We had a blast.


Hawklady said...

Those are cute pics. I think it's easier with two toddlers because they entertain eachother!! LOL

KT said...

So cute! Especially the one where Jacq is hugging (?) him. Perhaps, keeping him from grabbing one of her fave toys? Whatever, her face is so cute!

Cute lil boy! I love blond boys... so adorable!

You're a brave soul, sista!