Saturday, October 11, 2008

Our Trip To California

Jacqueline and I took a week long trip to California. Marc couldn't take the time off so he stayed behind. We missed him and he missed us. One night before bed Jacq and I were reading Pat the Bunny. There is one page that talks about daddy's scratchy face. When we read this page at home she always goes up to Marc and feels his face. Well, when we read it this night and daddy wasn't around, she looked up at me with her bottom lip all pouty and said in a sad little voice, "Daddy, home?" It broke my heart! She missed him very much.
Even though we missed Marc we made the best of it and had a great time. We left on the evening of her birthday. Marc took the day off and we spent it all together. We started by taking her to Toy Town. She loves that place. Then we went out to breakfast and got some bagels. After that we headed over to Baskin Robbins and she enjoyed a scoop of ice cream. Lastly, we took her to see Wall E. It was the first time she had ever gone to the cinema. She did excellent and really enjoyed the movie. She was already into robots and after seeing that movie her interest has only grown. We went home and she took her nap. After that Marc took us to the airport. I thought I was so prepared. I had a whole carry on bag with new toys, books and activities. She lasted about 20 mins in her seat. After that she did not want to be buckled, or stay in her seat. So the plane ride was a little trying. But we survived. On the way home she slept the entire ride. I was very thankful for that.
We stayed the first 3 days with my best friend, her hubby and their adorable baby girl in San Jose. We took the kiddos to the aquarium in Monterey and to Denise the Menace park. Both places I use to go as a child! We were also able to visit my Uncle Keith and his wife, Tammy. It was so great to see them and for them to meet Jacqueline. Then we headed up north a little to my Aunt Jackie's. There Jacqueline got to meet not only her but my Uncle Herman, cousins Lizzy and Jacob and my Papa Don. We had a blast with them. We went to half moon bay and Jacq got to play on the beach for the first time ever.
Here are some pics from our trip.

I have attempted to post this about 4 different times. Blogger is not uploading pics for some reason. So I used Flickr and that is why some of the pics are not cropped correctly.


Shari said...

i love all the pics, and I am glad you both had a good time...

The Parke Family said...

I love the pics of the beach and baby feet! So cool!!!

It was nice to see you on Saturday - hope it's not so long in between next time :)

mownik said...

omg your photos are beautiful! thanks for the notice you were even in CA! i would have loved to see you. next time.