Sunday, August 17, 2008

Ladybug, ladybug fly away home

I found this great craft idea here.

You need:
Red Paint
Paper Plate
Black Construction paper (which I didn't have so I painted white paper black)
Paint Brush
Black pipe cleaner

First let your child paint the back of the paper plate red.


Next cut out the pieces of the body with black construction paper. You'll need a head, some dots and a line that will separate the body.


Then you set all aside and let it dry completely.

Next glue all your paper pieces to the plate. I let Jacq help me with this and she went a little crazy with the glue stick.


Poke 2 little holes for the pipe cleaner and make some antennae. I added googly eyes for fun but it still looks cute even without them.
Here is the final result!



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Ronnie said...

That is soooo know she has to make like a dozen at a time because everyone what's one to show off....can't wait to do crafts next weekend...